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Our Story & Our Mission

Meet the founders
StyledHome Box is the creative collaboration of three friends and neighbors who grew up with a passion for elegance, style and grace . . . and a love of sharing that passion with others. As mothers with professional careers, they also share an understanding that time is precious and keeping up with the latest trends in home décor and accessories is easier said than done. Thus was born, StyledHome Box, the simple yet sophisticated way to transform your home into a perfectly polished showpiece as if you had hired your own private designer.

While some people love to read fashion and lifestyle magazines, Kate pours her heart into the pages of every home design magazine she can find.
A lawyer by profession, trained at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Kate has also spent the last few years working hand-in-hand with a professional designer to furnish her home with a unique collection of custom furniture, curtains, and fixtures. It was during this experience that she realized she was often overlooking one of the most critical elements of a truly inviting and interesting home - the accessories. She also began to understand just how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to find high quality, affordable items to accessorize a carefully styled home. Between her demanding career and raising two energetic boys with her hubby, not to mention a very busy social calendar, Kate appreciates the need for StyledHome Box and is thrilled to be able to share the team’s amazing discoveries with others.

In her spare time, Kate enjoys playing with home plans, and pinning interior and exterior inspiration ideas. She looks forward to being her own customer, continually refreshing her home’s look with all of the wonderful items she and her partners acquire for StyledHome Box.

For as long as Melanie can remember, she has been attracted to interior design and beautiful spaces.
As a child she was continually sketching ideas into her notebook, rearranging furniture and “decorating” her bedroom! After graduating from the University of North Texas with a bachelor degree in Fine Arts, Melanie focused her efforts on residential interiors, spending a large portion of her early career helping people with their homes while gaining insight and an appreciation of working with clients to create dramatic and impactful, yet deeply personal, spaces. From that beginning, she moved into commercial design with the architecture and design firm Corgan. She later transitioned into sales as the lighting representative for Artemide in the Dallas Design District, adding dramatic accents to the work of ultra-creative designers and architects throughout the Southwest.

After the birth of her first child, Melanie decided to take the focus off her career. Word-of-mouth, however, continued to make her a sought-after resource for personal design projects. She often found herself working closely with contractors to purchase and place accessories, adding the perfect finishing touch to each project. Now she is excited to help even more busy homeowners by sharing her love of details of beautiful décor through StyledHome Box.

On the complete opposite end of the creative spectrum, Misti obtained a degree in Mathematics from Southwestern University, a liberal arts institution in Texas.

She began her career as a financial analyst, but slowly transitioned into marketing and sales. An entrepreneur at heart, however, Misti eventually left corporate America to start a disaster restoration company with her husband. She says that helping homeowners and businesses recover and rebuild after suffering fire, water and other tragedies gave her a deep appreciation for clean, uncluttered spaces that feel light, airy and relaxing. As Misti’s friends and family noticed her ability to restore these living spaces with a distinctive sense of style, they began to ask her to help decorate or plan rooms in their own homes or offices. She would start with an idea board and slowly expand the ideas into the purchase of furniture and actually styling the spaces. While spending her free time helping clients with their interior design needs it became clear to Misti that many were overwhelmed when it came to accessorizing their home, even though it is one of the most important steps in creating an individualized identity for each space.

An avid fan of timeless, sophisticated design trends and styles, she looks forward to sharing her passion for accessorizing while helping StyledHome Box members create a space that feels comfortable and personal.

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